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The most exciting stage of pet ownership is welcoming a new fluffy friend home, whether young or old. Being a first-time pet owner can be as daunting as it is exciting. At Panorama Veterinary Clinic, we lead and guide you every step of the way in giving your pet the greatest start and many unforgettable years together.

At every health check for puppies and kittens, we check various developmental progressions and are happy to discuss any questions you might have that arise along the way. Each health check will include checking progress in weight gain, clinical examination, next vaccines and deworming.

We advise you to start the journey with your new pet with the cover of pet medical aid. This could cover routine care, accidents and unforeseen emergencies, depending on your chosen plan.

Frequently used pet medical plans:

Health Checks

Since our pets cannot tell us that they have subtle problems such as an earache, slight loss of vision, a cramping abdomen, pins and needles or a toothache, owners often only become aware of the illness when they have progressed. Owners will then notice their pet is lethargic, eating less, seems bothered by feet, falling off steps or even crying when touched. For that reason, a regular evaluation by the Vet is central to detecting these subtle indications of problems as early as possible.

A regular health check (recommended annually) is equally important as vaccination. This gives your veterinarian the chance to identify concerns before the onset of signs and intervene with preventative measures or treatments. Your veterinarian Vet will also advise on diet, deworming, external parasite control, dental care and exercise, which collaborate in keeping your pet as healthy as possible.


Vaccinations are the basis for the prevention of multiple infectious diseases in animals and humans. Vaccines work by stimulating the body to produce fighter cells (antibodies) to fight against the specific disease-causing pathogen. For this process to be optimal, pets need to be healthy at the time of vaccination.

At Panorama Veterinary Clinic, we highly recommend having our healthy pets vaccinated against numerous diseases and keeping the vaccinations up to date to keep the risk of serious infectious diseases to an absolute minimum. We follow international guideline recommendations for the vaccination of dogs and cats. Vaccinations not only protect your pets but also form part of a larger goal to protect all pets from these often-fatal infectious diseases that can rapidly spread from one animal to another.

Vaccinating your cat or dog against rabies is compulsory by South African Law. Rabies vaccination is a requirement for most countries that your pet would travel to.

Worm & Parasite Control

Dogs and cats all get parasites. Some we see, some we don’t. Thus, it is important that we administer precautionary treatment.

Some parasites, either internal or external, will be present on your pet but not cause the pet to show signs of disease or infection, so routine deworming is encouraged every 3 months. There are certain parasites that can affect humans too.

Puppies and kittens get internal worms from their mothers while suckling, as pregnancy usually reactivates dormant worms that the mother had. That is why our Vets advise frequent deworming for puppies and kittens, done with their monthly vaccinations.

External parasites can hide in our pet’s furry coat, attach themselves to the skin, and transmit various disease-causing organisms. Frequently encountered diseases can come from ticks (e.g., Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis), mites (e.g., Sarcoptic mange) or fungal infections (e.g., Ringworm). Taking the best preventative measure and administering products (e.g., dips, shampoos, spot-ons or tablets) regularly, as indicated on the product, is highly recommended.


Neutering pets carry great health benefits and minimise the risk of serious illness, even life-threatening, later in life.

Neutering affects numerous behavioural traits in pets and may aid in the management of them.
Your veterinarian will happily discuss neutering with you and answer questions that arise. Ideally, you should address this topic early on in your dog’s or cat’s life, as there are benefits to neutering early.

Intact (non-neutered) pets have an increased tendency to roam, trigger catfights, enforce dominance traits and show unwanted sexual activity.

Spaying (female neutering) is recommended in all females that are not routinely mated as we eliminate unwanted pregnancies, remove the risk of life-threatening uterine infections (pyometra) and minimise the chance of mammary and ovarian cancers.

Male cats that are castrated (male neutering) reduce time roaming in other cats’ territory, therefore reducing the spreading of FIV (an infectious viral disease) and minimising fighting and emerging complications (abscesses). Male dogs have radically smaller chances of developing prostate conditions, testicular cancers and other testosterone-driven disease processes.

Dietary Advice

In sustaining your pet’s health and liveliness, a balanced diet is crucial for your pet, just like for us humans. Even though balance is key to all diets, differences are understandable. Our nutritional requirements and those of our pets are not identical.

Requirements are altered for pets of different species, gender, breeds, age, size, activity or specific conditions (e.g., kidney disease, liver disease, intolerance, UTIs, pregnancy and obesity). The specific amount of the appropriate and balanced diet is fundamental for the good health of our pets.

Just like many animals, the challenge of obesity in pets is getting larger. Obesity brings along a variety of health-related problems in our pets, just as in humans. Making sure that your pet maintains an optimal body weight is essential for their overall health, even if they need to shed a few kilograms.

Check your pet’s weight.

Dental Health

Good dental health is essential for the health and well-being of our pets. Dental disease is a regular finding in dogs and cats. It leads to halitosis (smelly breath), eating with difficulty, gum infections leading to tooth root abscess formation, and ultimately bone loss and loss of multiple teeth. Dental health is not separate from the rest of the body; thus, dental disease can also have systemic (liver, kidney and heart disease) effects and lead to general inferior health.


Putting your beloved pet to sleep.

As pet owners, we regrettably come face-to-face with one of the toughest decisions to make: the dreaded decision to say goodbye. Pets become members of our families as they personify the true meaning of unconditional love and affection.

We offer comfort and guidance for you and your pet every step of the way.


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