Panorama Veterinary Clinic and Specialist Centre is one of the leading specialist referral centres in Cape Town. We are a dynamic and close-knit team of friendly and supportive people and are always open for like-minded individuals to join us.

Do it the right way!

We’re driven to offer the best service we can to our patients and referring colleagues. Brainstorm with your team, discuss your case with a specialist down the hall, get that scan or scope you need and have all the treatments and tests available when you need them.

Feel part of a team who supports each other on a tough day and have a good laugh when you need it. We’re passionate about creating a supportive and friendly work environment to share the load and love what you do every day. Our current team is equipped with a vast range of experience which offers great mentorship opportunities. Our management team is approachable and well-equipped to offer support through the stressors of our profession.

Grow your career

Beyond the excellent exposure we offer to a wide range of specialists, our clinic is also dedicated to training a new generation of veterinary specialists with running residencies in surgery and medicine. See this in action – perhaps it is something you may want to pursue yourself one day.